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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my vehicle repaired at a shop of my choosing?

Pursuant to section 2610 of the insurance law, cannot require that repairs be made to a motor vehicle in a particular place or repair shop. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired in the shop of your choice. 

Where do you source your replacement parts from?

Our parts are sourced from a network of OEM and CAPA certified aftermarket vendors, all of which are covered under warranty by the vendors, and our company warranty. 

How long will my repairs take?

Depending on the severity of your repairs, MOST repairs take between 1-2 weeks. With that being said, upon writing your estimate we will give an estimated completion date specific to your repairs. 

Is there anything that I need to do during the repair process?

No. You can sit back, and let us handle everything. We work in conjunction with the insurance company to ensure your vehicle is repaired to pre-accident condition.

How do I get a rental during my repairs?

If you have been hit by another driver or you have rental coverage on your policy, your adjuster will authorize a rental at the rental agency of your choice. At that point, you can instruct the rental agency to bring the vehicle directly at the time you have arranged to drop your vehicle off for repairs. 

Is there a warranty on my repairs?

We offer a lifetime warranty on any work completed by us for as long as you own the vehicle! 

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